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A Sugar Coated Something

Divina was Thursday

Writer's Block: Pet talk
If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

Artemis: I can has lettuce please? Also, that dog is still here. He snores. Why Do I have to share my room with him?

Tammy: The dog chased me when I went outside. When are you sending him back? Also, you hogged the blankets last night.

Chula: I'm getting sick of this dry food. And the dog. Do you know he's still here? He relieved himself in the grass. Didn't even dig a hole and bury it. Disgusting. Shouldn't you be showering me with attention right about now?

Al Pacino: Girl! Play with me! Let's run! Let's chase the cat! Why won't you let me bite you? I love you!

Writer's Block: Forget me not
What is your earliest vivid memory? Why do you think this memory stands out so much in your mind?

I am maybe a year old touching on two. My dad is doing push ups on the thin brown carpet of our living room in the Fresno apartment where we first lived. I'm sitting on his back, wearing a dull yellow sweatshirt and pants suit pattered with what I think is carrots. Maybe small flowers. My face is pudgy and my dark hair is pulled up in a spunky tail almost at the top of my head.

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"Is it just me, or did today go really well?" my sister said last night as I was cleaning the kitchen. I paused.

"It isn't just you," I assured her.

I woke up yesterday not having to go to work. I didn't have any plans for the day at all. I felt no stress. I woke up and played with Al Pacino for a full hour after I ate something, then cleaned the TV room and picked up my room. After my sisters woke up we played with Al Pacino some more, then watched TV and decided to go to Petsmart. We bought Al Pacino a dog toothbrush, stuff to clean his ears, a rubber chew toy, and a blue shirt that says "GIRL BAIT" on it. It fits him a little big but he'll grow into it sung in a few weeks and I'll have to post a picture of him in it.

We went to go visit my maternal grandma, who lives only a few major streets over - we haven't been to see her in a while, me mostly because school has been eating me alive, and she's so senile paranoid she thought we were still mad at her for what she did at Christmas or something - and we took Al Pacino to meet her.

When we got home Al Pacino went down for a long nap because we'd been driving him around town all day, then I played FFXII and took J to guitar lessons.

At the end of the day we just watched Family Guy and wished for nothing.

  • Why is this reading like a bad matching oc for every guardian fic?
  • And I think I know why I don't like this Adelhied chick. It's not the boobs. It's the fact that she's a show off. If Hibari went to her school and told her that his Disciplinary Committee was taking over, he wouldn't get approval from anyone. He'd say, "I refuse to interact with the stupid people at this school." and leave it at that. Adelheid is having way too much fun with this. Hibari goes along with Tsuna because he's too bored not to. Everything bores him but he manages to look so badass while he's pulling it off. He wouldn't have to use force, anyway. He'd just glare and the other Committee heads would scatter.
  • Okay. Tsuna. You have to stop catching this guy with his pants down. It's awkward in a way that almost wants me to ship you two. And you belong to Gokudera.
  • So this is all kind of like filler, but I feel a battle coming on sometime within the next ten chapters, at least. If not sooner.

a little bit of an opinion
Riku says

Confession: I watch Dancing With the Stars. I don't even care that I don't care about more than half the people competing this season. I like watching the dancing.

But I have a gripe.

I really dislike Derek Hough.


Well, he's a good dancer. No denying that. The reason I dislike him I'm sure isn't his fault at all, really: he always gets the hot chick.
  • His first partner on Season 5 was Jennie Garth. 90210 actress. Cute. White. Blonde.
  • Season 6 his partner was Shannon Elizabeth, who he actually dated for a while. Hot, skinny actress.
  • Season 7 he gets Brooke Burke. Hot older actress who wins him his first mirror ball trophy. Judges absolutely drool all over her. Especially that one guest judge.
  • Season 8 he gets Lil' Kim. She's the only non white celebrity he's been paired with, and she's slightly heavier than his other partners. I'd like to see him get more matches like this, is all I'm saying.
  • Season 9 he gets super swimsuit model Joanna Krupa. Tall, blonde, legs, rack...
  • And now it's Season 10 and he gets a Pussy Cat Doll.
The producers must really like him because if I was in charge of that shit I'd go with some girls who are not hot models/singers/actresses. I'm not saying pair him with (insert example) because she's fat and ugly, but give him a serious challenge. Last night he got the first 10s of the season. THE SECOND EPISODE. Frank Nicotero of Primetime in No Time agrees with me at least on that last point.
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needs some work
my only complaint with the movie so far is that Aang's voice should not be that deep, but the kid's 12, right? hopefully it's just cracking on puberty and it was kept for the trailer because it sounded angsty?



I was sitting in Philosophy and we were watching Bill Moyers interview someone who said that what makes a person evil is trying to do good

and I whispered

"Just like Darth Vader"

and several people chuckled

Writer's Block: Categorically speaking ...
If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?

  1. school related things (assignments, appointments with advisor, on campus events that sound like fun but I won't end up participating in)
  2. bills (the car payment, budgeting for gas and toiletries, etc.)
  3. The Pianist
  4. fan and original fic
  5. my health (how much sleep I'm not getting plus the shoulder and back pain)

before bed
I have some stuff to say about babysitting and potty training, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Right now, though, I have one thing to say:


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