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planning for mother's day
So I'm pretty broke this month, and up into next month, but I want to do something special for Mother's Day. Stanislaus is putting on Midsummer Night's Dream that weekend - for free - so I told my sisters we should pack a great picnic dinner (it's an outdoor performance) and take her. So now I am planning a picnic menu:
  • salad: quinoa salad, recipe here
  • drink: berry lemonade iced tea, recipe here
  • chicken dish: most likely lemon pepper chicken
  • appetizer: ?
  • dessert: cheesecake, baked from scratch *need to get vegan cream cheese
What are you doing for your mom on Mother's Day?

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...That tea looks yummy. I need to try it.

I don't know what I can do for my mom, as I'm pretty broke as well. Your idea is really nice, though.

My mom doesn't really like us to spend money on her, but I'm thinking we'll probably get her a bunch of gift certificates for massages since she really likes that and then go out to dinner :)

Your plans sound so nice! ♥

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