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A Sugar Coated Something

Divina was Thursday

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  • so. about one month of school left. awesome.
  • going to be emailing my dad some sample writing today to pass over to his editor friend. we'll see how that goes, I guess.
  • it's pissing down rain.
  • I found a microwave on campus that I can use. Grandma gave me a potato burrito this morning for my lunch.
  • can anyone rec me some good KH fics?
  • working on my fairytale group project in the library.
  • there is free gaming today at the Mom and Pop's. I might drop in if anyone's playing Rock Band.
  • Merlin Season 1 is available in stores today and it's now up on Hulu.

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-digs around-

Hmmm if you ever wanna try a devil may cry fic - this writer - DAMN. You kinda don't have to understand the game at all to play except that vergil and dante = twon brothers - eva = mom - vergil was turned into nelo angelo but other than that - it's very straight forward.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2599514/1/Consanguinity <--- i really recommend this one - even if you don't know the game - it's pretty witty, written so well, and the dynamics between vergil and dante is pretty good.

OK now for the KH you asked...

this is akuroku - it makes me giggle at the end - because...iono - it's twisted, but oh so funny:

this is roxas/sora - with a religious twist - one of my FAVORITES.

one of the first akuroku I read and I love it.

this is short - but so full of emotion - akuroku :

uhhh that's all I have for now LOL The rest I have to re-read (they are all on my favs) and see what was it about them I liked =O

anyways, hope you enjoy ^^;;; ???

Edited at 2010-04-20 06:39 pm (UTC)

Seconding that Roxas/Sora one, omg.

oh my goodness, i want a potato burrito. that sounds delicious.

and amazon just shipped my merlin s1! heee ♥ finally.


I'm just saving up money and stuff, but I've been waiting for this since last month, huhu. I can't wait to get my hands on those cast diaries even though I've watched them over and over again on youtube but shhh :)

I only like the rain when I don't have to walk through it. Luckily, school got out before it started pouring.

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