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A Sugar Coated Something

Divina was Thursday

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I'm very happy for people to add me as a friend and want me to friend them back, but this journal is actually more of a personal one for those who'd like to get to know me outside of my writing.

If you only want to read my fanfiction and original works (poetry/short fiction/ novel excerpts) then please add soleluz.

If you would like to read my Heroes recaps, click here for the index.

Hi! ♥ I'd love to read more of your stuff, since you said in your ff.net profile that you post more fics here in LJ ^^ Erm, similar fandoms would be KH, KHR, Naruto, Ouran, Inuyasha, Soul Eater, HP, and Special A ^.^ So. Yeah~

Nice to meet you! :D


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this!!!

I've added you to the "Magician" friends filter.

You could just... Mix all your fandoms together for a really epic friends only banner. It woul be like... I dont know. I did follow you over from FF.net actually, but I promise not stalk you but only after I realized your username had changed. Duh...?

hmm... that's an idea!

Yeah. I changed my username here and there, too. I don't know how much more fic I'll be posting over there. The latest was a RikuSora, and I posted it solely because I think there is an increasing lack.

Hiya. I've followed you from the Gokutsuna comm. I'd really like a chance to read your fics.


Nice to see you outside of the comm!

I'm actually working on a GokuTsuna this week, featuring my favorite gimmik: speaking Italian.

I'm another lost puppy following you about... I like Naruto, KH, and KHR. You are my all time favorite KH writer and it's because of you I got interested in the KH fandom.

Welcome! Welcome!

Right now I have an uber long AkuRoku on the backbuner. I'm saving it for next weekend or something. But right this second I'm writing GokuTsuna.

Who's your favorite character/pairing out of those three fandoms?


I absolutely adore your fanfictions!

You're an amazing writer!

Hi! ♥

It's so nice to see you here! Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my GokuTsuna stuff!

Hiya!! i was wondering around FF.net when i stumbled upon your fanfiction and i would totally love to read more!!! <333

^_____^ I remember your fics from FF.net! and I just recently read you 5927 fic~
So awesome~!~

soo >///////<


ah! I think I remember you, too!

*friends back*

Hey, I'd love to be added :D I enjoy keeping track of some of my favourite authors on LJ; it's nice to know more about them, and to always know when they write stuff ^_^

Nice to see you here!


Hey there darlin'

your right I followed you from FF.net as I really enjoy your fanficitions.

Just wanted to say it's nice to see your still writing as I really loved your work.

Lyndsey (TheaBlackthorn)

Well, lately school and three jobs have been kicking my ass, but I'm trying to keep writing.

Here from the KH fandom at ff.net, blahblahblah.

I'd really love to read more of your work - you're an amazing writer. Never stop writing! :)

Just wanted to say that you are my favorite KH writer. :3

My main fandoms are KH, Naruto, Bones, and Harry Potter -- if you ever need a rec for a good fic from one of those, I'm yeeer girl. :D


Nice to meet you!

I really really want to get into the HP fandom, but it's so intimidating!!

btw, do you have any good Ron/Hermione or Cedric/Harry fic recs??

Hi, I've sort of been stalking your writing for a while, and I would have openly stalked you over here, too, if I hadn't been so mortified by the ridiculous verbal diarrhoea I had all over my review to "Meaning of Silence"... (I really am sorry about that. I should have waited until I was calm and given you something more coherent...)

Anyway, I admire your writing, and having followed your work since the "How I Paid for College" days, I have had the pleasure of seeing so much growth and development in your style. I hope you'll allow me the privilege of reading more of your work.

(On another note, common fandoms include Avatar, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, KHR, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Ouran, and Soul Eater.)

Hm. It seems whenever I write something to you, I go on for hours... This comment, for example, is unnecessarily long.

Edited at 2009-03-13 08:40 pm (UTC)

Okay, I want to be honest; 80% of the reason I want to be added is for the fics BUT. I'm that kind of person who you'll add and you're never going to get away from after that. :< ... errr.. I guess that's not good thing... ANYWAY! I want to be lurker! I want to be human being in your list of awesomeness!

Since my profile is a bit... empty (I only write about my main fandoms into it) I guess I should tell something tiny about myself.
I can't write myself out of a trashcan but I don't think myself as a bad artist (to tell the truth, 'Meaning of Silence' has inspired me a lot during artblocks, especially after the second chapter).
I love, LOVE Naruto. I started fangirling it after the first book had been released in Japan so I'm sad case that just CAN'T stop being Narutard even after all this time. Then I was bouncing in Comiket at the horrible time when there was this virus called 'REBORN' in there and got hooked. it's nasty virus I say, NASTY. Neverending. :<
I eat some yaoi as a breakfast, shoujo as an lunch and seinen as an dinner so I'm open to a lot of different kind of series be it manga or games.

BUT. I hope to be added! If not... well.. CAN I WHORE MYSELF TO BE ADDED?
... I think I should go sleep now before I'm going to get even greater ideas.

ehm hello, I'd love to be added, because I'm kind of on the hunt for good hitman reborn fiction, I'll guess I just have to hope something in my profile strikes your interest^^

uh, hi!

well, I can't promise you that I update as often as I want, but I am working on a 5927 right now... though most of my complete ones are at gokutsuna. I dunno if you've read this one, but it's the best reviewed of mine.


I've been reading your stuff for a very long time now, all over the place (ff.net, gokutsuna comm, kh comm ect. ect) and I'd love to read more of it.
If that's okay?

Hi! Welcome! Yes!

hahaha I wish I felt good enough to post more to FFnet, but we've been having arguments lately... the punctuation system changing has really got me a little frustrated, especially.

I love your icon, by the way!